Stage Series 3" Ss3 Yellow Led Pod Flush Mount (Pair)

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Diode DynamicsSKU: DD6205P

Output Type: Sport Series: YELLOW
Primary Optic: Flood
Optional Backlight: No Backlight
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Stage Series 3" Ss3 Yellow Led Pod Flush Mount

The Stage Series 3" Ss3 Yellow Led Pod Flush Mount are great fog lights, best I have ever fitted to my car, easily out performs my HID lights. The only issue was they sent me the regular Stage Series 3" Ss3 Yellow Led Pod lights instead of the flush fitting ones, but fortunately they fitted where I needed them, so would still give 5 stars as the lights are great. These lights have a wide beam, one light by itself stretches further than the width of the car by about 3 or 4 feet. Setting the height of the beam - I set mine at about 25 feet back from a wall and set the bottom of the beam on the floor and the top of the beam up the wall about two feet or so. Setting the beam too high can blind other drivers and does not light up the front of the road, so lower is better in my case...I have the yellow tinted sport fog lights...may invest in the white lens sport lights as extra driving lights at night in good weather and fogs for rain, snow, fog etc... Good lights

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