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A Look at Our LED Fog Light Kits

A Look at Our LED Fog Light Kits

Despite the advances in technology that have come about in recent years, most cars and trucks on the road today use halogen fog lights. Halogen bulbs leave much to be desired with their yellowish color temperature, lack of light output, and limited lifespan. Lucky for you, you can easily swap out your factory fog lights to LED fog lights with our SS3 Fog Light Kits

Our new SS3 Fog Light Kits allow you to swap out your factory fog lamps with a pair of our SS3 3” LED Pods. Our SS3 LED fog light kits have highly-focused, SAE-compliant light output, making them legal for on-road use. Thanks to their TIR (total internal reflection) optics, the SS3 directs light exactly where you need it without wasting light output to glare like other pods on the market. Each kit was designed to be a plug and play solution for your vehicle, requiring no modification to your vehicle. We are proud to offer LED fog light kits for 100+ applications. Check out the different kits we offer below.

All the LED fog light kits listed above are available in two different color temperatures, 6000K cool white and 3000K selective yellow. The white option is a 6000K temperature, which is cool white light and the yellow light output is 3000K, which is great for poor weather conditions. 

Our LED fog light kits are available in two SAE-compliant, road-legal beam patterns. The SAE Driving pattern is designed to supplement your high beams, but it’s great for general illumination as well. Rather than a traditional "spot" pattern, the Stage Series Driving pattern shines in an 18x8 degree spread, providing just enough width to fully illuminate the road ahead at high speeds.

The SAE Fog option provides an extremely wide field of view, with high-intensity output over an entire 80-degree spread. It serves as a great upgrade for any factory foglamp, and will fully illuminate the area in front of your vehicle.

When installed as a pair and aimed in accordance with your state's regulations, the Driving White pattern meets SAE J581 standard as a Driving/Auxiliary High Beam Light, and the Fog pattern meets SAE J583 standard as a Foglamp, for legal on-road use. Please check your local laws and regulations for aiming, installation, and applicability.

Unlike other options on the market, our LED fog light kits have been tested to ensure that they will last for years to come, no matter what the conditions. This includes testing our environmental testing chambers, which tests the effects of extreme temperature and humidity, corrosion, water intrusion, and vibration. Best of all, they are backed by an 8-year warranty should you have any issues. 

Here at Ess K Customs, we have over a decade of experience with automotive LED lighting technology and we are well respected as a leader in the field. If you want to learn more about our products or find out just how you can upgrade your vehicle with quality LED lighting, give our team a call at 306-717-8666 or reach out to us via email at