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Ram HD (2500/3500) Halogen to LED Headlight Adapter Install Guide

Ram HD (2500/3500) Halogen to LED Headlight Adapter Install Guide
2019+ Ram HD (2500/3500) Halogen to LED Headlight Adapter Install Guide

**This guide is the same for Mid Line LED headlights (pictured in the guide) or Limited lights**

This guide will show you the steps to upgrade from the boring Halogen headlights (on the left in the pic below) to the LED lights (on the right)
You will need the OEM LED Headlights of your choice (we can source these for you!) and our headlight adapters:
Tools needed - Trim removal sticks / panel poppers, 10MM socket. 
Pop the hood, lets get at it!
Remove push pins, then remove radiator cover.
Remove screws (and 2 push pins) from top applique, and remove
Remove lower outer trim pieces. These do require a bit of force, but be careful to not snap them!
From below the truck, loosen screws that hold in the lower trim. DO NOT REMOVE THESE, JUST LOOSEN THEM UP. Remove 10mm bolts (one per side) and remove trim panel.
Remove long screws in bottom of grill, and upper screws as well. Lift grill out, clearing the headlight tab.
To remove the headlight, remove screw and push pin from top. Under the headlight there is another push pin, and another screw. Remove those as well. Remove headlight and unplug it.
Adapter harness installation is up next! Not a lot of "text" for this part, as its pretty self explanatory. The harness has a 12v positive connection (red ring). Connect that to the 12v battery + or on the 12v + on the fuse box (as shown). Fuse tap will go to F43 - remove your existing fuse, install it to the tap, then plug into F43. Mount the adapters behind the core support, zip tie them on. Run wiring across the front of the truck, plug everything in. Be sure to use dielectric grease on ALL connections!
Test lights!