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Part #: 1 × TAZ507

Z Locker OEM Axle Locker Sensor Fix (Jeep Gladiator / Wrangler JL)

Developed in a partnership with Americas Most Wanted 4X4! The locker sensor in Wrangler JL and Gladiator Rubicons have started to become problematic.  When they fail, it usually starts out as a blinking locker indicator on the dash, which then ends up in a “service axle locker” message.  Once the locker system is in this fault state, the lockers will no longer engage.

The repair would normally be to replace the sensor, but the part is not available separately.  The next best thing would be to replace the locker assembly, but that’s not available either.  The current solution is to replace the entire axle assembly, but due to the commonality of this problem, they are on national back-order.

The Z-Locker-OEM solves this problem.  Bypassing the problematic sensor, it allows the locker to operate without the position sensor yet provides the proper feedback to the Jeep’s computers to keep the system operational without any errors or warnings.  You get fully functioning lockers with no side effects from using the Z-Locker-OEM.

Installation is simple; unplug the locker, plug the Z-Locker-OEM in between the axle and Jeep harness.  This can be done in seconds with no tools.  Will not harm the Jeep’s computers – it uses the same signaling that it expects from the sensor.  Connectors are the same ones used by Jeep and are watertight.

Package contains one Z-Locker-OEM, to service onefailed axle locker.

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