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PART #: 1 x 4B-FOG-S-1004

ACURA (ROUND): Morimoto 4Banger LED Fog Lights

Color: White
Output Type: Standard Series: NCS
Primary Optic: Wide Beam
NCS SPOT: Illuminates well into the distance. The NCS Spot features a highly focused 5-degree hot spot that's surrounded by a 14H x 4C degree flood beam, making it the perfect weapon for long range visibility. While not quite as powerful as the 4Banger HXB Spot (which uses Osram LEDs), when paired up with a set of NCS Combos, you will have no problems avoiding deer in the distance.

NCS WIDE: Illuminates the ground directly in front of the vehicle, making them a perfect complement to a set of high-performance Morimoto headlights. They produce a very wide beam to drastically improve visibility off to the sides of the road. Superior vertical gradient control eliminates glare to oncoming traffic, and when mounted in the fog light position and aimed appropriately, will meet SAE standards for on-road use as a fog light.

ALL WEATHER: The white-output version is ideal for all-around visibility. For those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog--the Yellow-output version will slay in shady weather. Morimoto has opted for LEDs that produce yellow light at the origin, which is the most effective way to penetrate through particles in the air without compromising output (Filtering white light through a yellow lens achieves the look, but no actual performance benefit in poor weather).

STREET LEGALITY: With a standard -3 degree aim, the beam pattern produced by the NCS Wide Beam model is designed to be compliant with the latest SAE F3 regulation for use as a street-legal fog light. The HXB Wide Beam has a very similar beam pattern, but too much intensity to be considered a street-legal fog light.
FOG LIGHT BRACKETS: 2x (One Pair) Morimoto 4Banger (BAF016 / Type S Style)
LED PODS: 2x (One Pair) Morimoto 4Banger (Optional Color / Beam)
HARDWARE: Complete Pack (Stainless Steel)
WIRING: Plug N Play Connection Kit
WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime (Click for Details)
ACURA ILX: 2013-2017
ACURA RDX: 2010-2017
ACURA TL: 2012-2014
ACURA TSX: 2011-2013
NCS WIDE YELLOW: 8,680 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (86.8lux @ 10m)
NCS WIDE WHITE: 12,400 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (124lux @ 10m)
NCS COMBO YELLOW: 38,850 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (384lux @ 10m)
NCS COMBO WHITE: 55,500 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (555lux @ 10m)
NCS SPOT YELLOW: 73,500 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (735lux @ 10m)
NCS SPOT WHITE: 105,000 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (1,005lux @ 10m)
HXB WIDE YELLOW: 14,700 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (147lux @ 10m)
HXB WIDE WHITE: 21,000 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (210lux @ 10m)
HXB COMBO YELLOW: 54,600 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (546lux @ 10m)
HXB COMBO WHITE: 78,000 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (780lux @ 10m)
HXB SPOT YELLOW: 119,000 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (1190lux @ 10m)
HXB SPOT WHITE: 170,000 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (1,700lux @ 10m)
POWER: 20w (NCS) 42w (HXB)
CURRENT: 1.5A (NCS) or 3.3A (HXB)
DIMENSIONS: 82mm W, 67mm H, 60mm D
LIGHT SOURCE: 3x Nichia NCSY131F, Nichia NCSW131F, or Osram HX Boost
INPUT: Proprietary Overmolded Deutsch DT 2-Pin w/ Pigtail
MATERIAL: Makrolon LED PC (Lens), Powdercoated Die Cast Aluminum (Housing)

Brands We Carry: Morimoto ~ Diode Dynamics ~ Xenon Depot ~ GTR Lighting ~ Headlight Revolution ~TruLux

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