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Halo Info & FAQ

How bright are Ess K Customs ColourSwitch halos?
VERY BRIGHT! Our ColourSwitch halos can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight when set to full brightness via your wireless remote included in your kit.

What is a halo kit ?
A led halo kit consists of specially designed led halos to fit perfectly inside you’re vehicle’s factory headlights.

What’s included with my halo kit?
All Ess K Customs led halo kits include external drivers, wiring as well as our standard M7 wireless remote & controller. An option to upgrade to the Bluetooth controller is available on all ColourSwitch product pages.

How many color options do I have with my ColourSwitch halo kit?
Using our M7 or Bluetooth Wireless Remotes with our halo kits gives you the ability to change your led halo to over 100+ different colours, the options are endless! Our wireless remotes also enable you to create custom colors and even lets you save them so you can display those colors later on, now that’s cool!

Will my halos be constantly changing colours ?
NO! Our wireless remotes give you full control over the colour and effect of your led halos at all times. Run them orange in the morning and purple in the evening, it’s completely up to you! Our controllers also have special functions such as strobe/flash & colour jump pre-sets as well as other useful functions such as brightness level and on/off control.

What kind of warranty do is offered on my halo kit ?
Ess K Customs offers a 1 year hassle free warranty on all led halos. This warranty covers product failure under normal operating conditions. If you have any problems with your product, contact us with a detailed description as well as pictures if possible describing your issue to support@esskcustoms.com and we will ensure you are taken care of!